Hard Cover, Paperback and eBook

"People and Peppers, a romance" by Harvard Square Editions, in 2015.

"Backcountry Tales, a six-pack" by Amazon, 2012.

"Secrets, a Novel" by KDP, 2012.

"Crazy Loves, a six-pack from Kelvin" by KDP, 2011.

"City Lives, a six-pack from Kelvin" by KDP, 2011.

"Mooch, the Meek" by KDP, 2011.

"Web of Freedom" by Amazon, 2011.

"The Sorcerer's Drum" by Amazon, 2009.

"A Fling with a Demon Lover" by HarperCollins, 1996.

"Secrets" by Villard Books of Random House, 1993.
(Reviewed in: the caribbeanwriter.com & safero.org)

"Jumping Ship and Other Stories" by Villard Books of Random House, 1992.

Electronic Publications

"The Collected Short Stories of Kelvin Christopher James" is part of an academic electronic collection entitled Black Short Fiction, published by Alexander Street Press, 2004.

Selected List of Short Stories in Magazines and Anthologies

"Postcards" published in Tupelo Quarterly, April 2014.
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"Twin Game" published in Black Renaissance Noire, Vol. 7 No 2, Spring, 2007.
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"Shopping Trip" (translated to Spanish) appears in the October 2006 issue of 'Forum', a literary and arts magazine published in Monterrey, Mexico.
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"A Measure of Respect" excerpted from "Web of Freedom" is published in the Summer 2006 issue of 'Bomb' magazine.
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"A short, but basically, fat guy tale" in Mad Hatters' Review, Issue 3, Fall 2005.
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"Five Fables about Consistency, Time, Language, A day or so, and a Certain Young Lady." in The Caribbean Review of Books, August 2005.

"A woman's Work" in www.frigatezine.com, 2001.
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"Ties" in New Bones: Contemporary Black Writers in America". Editors: Kevin E. Quashie, Joyce Lausch, Keith D. Miller, Prentice Hall, 2001.

"A Fable about Mangrove" in "American Letters & Commentary" 2000.
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"Villain" translated and published in NarraSud, Rome, Italy, 2000.

"Jumping Ship" and "One never knows" in "Leave To Stay: Stories of Exile and Belonging, an Anthology" edited by Joan Riley and Briar Wood, Virago Press, 1996.

"Transaction" in "Children of the Night: the Best Short Stories by Black Writers" edited by Gloria Naylor. Little, Brown and Co., New York, 1995.

"Romans 12:19." in "Low Rent" edited by Kurt Hollander, an anthology. Grove Press, New York, 1994.

"A Difference Made" in "The Junky's Christmas" edited by Elisa Segrave: an anthology. Serpent's Tail, London, 1994.
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"Romans 12:19" in The Portable Lower East Side, New York, 1993.

"Jumping Ship" (short story) translated and anthologized in "Les Jungles d'Amerique." Editor: Thierry Marignac, Publisher: Arbre a Cames of Paris, France, 1993.

"Succulence" in BOMB, 1992.

"Circle of Shade" in Bomb, 1991; & in "Ancestral House - the Black Short Story in the Americas and Europe," by Westview Press, edited by Charles H. Rowell, 1991.

"The Foreign Woman" in American Letters & Commentary. New York, 1990.

"Performance" and "Transaction" in The Literary Review, published by Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, 1990.

"Guppies" in BOMB, New Art Publications Inc. New York, 1989.

"Ties" in QUARTO - The Magazine of Poetry and Fiction, published by the School of General Studies, Columbia University, New York, 1981.