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A Fable about Power.

There was a fellow who thought he was the machine he toted: a BAAAD portable stereo with nine inch wah-wah speakers and forty watts of rhythmic Dolby power blasting down the place.

He cruised upon a person wearing a cassette and earphones hookup, and who seemed not at all impressed by his tremendous radiated energy.

Mightily confused, our portable dude approached the earphones dude and louded, "Yo! So what's with you, huh? You some kinda freaked out nut, or something?"

Plugged-ears, shaking his head side to side, mouthed back what looked like, ". . can't hear you . . I'm too loud. . ."

Which made the portable dude start vibrating with doubt in his woofers and from curiosity in his tweeters.

So he lowered his volume in order to hear how powerful, in fact, was the earphones dude.

He lowered so much, he didn't hear anything at all.

MORAL: Currents of power flow ever downwards.