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A Rhymed Fable about One's Words

One bragged he could leap over mountains

the Other: that he jumped past the sky

This old bird flitting by and overhearing

loud noted that they were both 'lyin' to fly'

So upsetting was this smug appraisal

to the One bounder and his close Comp

that they chased down and grabbed the low flapper

and by his tongue tied 'im fast to a stump

Now, imagine this eerie situation

a Leaper, the Feathered, and 'Jumps'

three incompetent aerialists grounded

though only One's exactly real stumped

and although in no competition

for use of the adequate sky

yet there remains that cold distance between them

and they hardly can meet each other's eye.

Thus the MORAL of this odd composition

about circumstances even more bizarre still

is that when One gets careless with One's statements

One can bet that soon some Other fool will...