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A Fable about Labels

There was once an intellectual who boasted that "for the most downtrodden, he'd walk the gauntlet undaunted, engage with the worst of their fearful foes times ten," so on and so forth.

More tersely, he wished to be toasted as an upfront, chin up, Liberal guy.

Big Problem for him was a mortal coil that rated triple XXX in size, and the personal traits inferred by this condition-among the usual culprits being Sloth, Gluttony, and that old reliable, Self-Indulgence.

Opponents were laughing themselves hoarse from heckling him, when our guy cried out "Hah!" and his personal Force caused them pause.

Into the quiet he spoke, "You forget my Courage, my Tenacity. You neglect my Personal Sacrifice!"

"What???" chorused the incredulous, though truly curious detractors, who as one, privately wondered, "up to what was this fat fool now?"

"Do as I did!" came the Tempter's whispery reply. "At least try! Check it out up-close and personal. What ever you enjoy, just go out there and give it some love!"

Well, that's just what they did, and not long afterwards, no one cared about labels, Liberal or other.

Was it tasty? always got their vote.

MORAL: Beware the weighty intellectual.