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A Fable about a Nazarene

At a recent conclave of retired parsons, a to-do among reasonable minds degenerated into a brouhaha of hooliganism when an irreverent reverend of dubious sobriety opined that carpenter Joseph, husband of Mary of Nazareth, parent of our You-Know-Who, was a cuckold.

One flabbergasted fellow responded with the tsunami that such opinion was 'the ooze of a simple snot-chucker intent on defacing our Maker's image'.

To which our impious and unapologetic scalawag, using both forefingers to mime quotes, asked, "Can we mention 'putative' when it involves the All-You-Know-What?"

This was when Chaos came knocking at their front door.

Frustratingly though, the consequent hubbub obscured the sharpest question relevant to the moment, as one curious waiter asked his fellow caterer, "What then, does that make mother Mary?"

Moral: Into such adult stories, not even I am getting.