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A Fable about Fairy Tales

An ambitious couple in love was separated to opposite sides of the globe for business reasons. Nevertheless, their passion for each other never wavered.

Then it so happened that in their different time zones, they fell asleep at the same instant, and reasonably, began dreaming the same dream. . .they with each other, having spontaneous, bodies-so-willing, psyche gone wilding, all-gratifying sex.

Quite naturally, there follows pregnancy and a wonderful baby. A love child with amazing empathy, who could so croon a ballad, it wet your new knickers.

Back of their mind, the lovers knew that this was a beginning would only get better, and bedazzled by this brilliant future, they simultaneously blinked.

Halfway around the world apart from each other, the couple started awake, a taste of disappointment souring their mouths!

Moral:In a dream, the sleeper is the one unreal.