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A Fable about Adjustments.

There was once a man who was a master at making traps. Any animal that experienced his genius immediately surrendered; wouldn't even bother, just folded its legs in a comfortable position, and gave up.

In the village where he dwelt, times were so bountiful that even when his neighbors stole from his efforts, he was left enough to grin about.

But then, as this plenty lessened, times within the land went worst than terrible. Now, the neighbors were forced to steal. By which consequence, they got to leaving the master's traps ever empty as two-holed balloons are.

And so our man went hungry.

Yet, the thieving neighbors observed him still to smile. And guilt-fed puzzlement ruled them, as most sneakily they followed him to his house.

There they found the master to have begun making larger traps.

MORAL: Beware the zealot constant smiling.