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A fable about Home care

First, an Important Note: Because of size considerations, Lice got to chose their collective term rather late-minutes after mites, in fact. Their first choice was 'tribe'. Then they learned that was already selected by various Judeans, and Native Americans, and Africans, and several others. "Seems that 'tribe' is close to used up and worn out!" concluded the haughty Lice. So they went for 'herd', as in Buffalo, and Elephant, and such.

That explained, we now address this herd of head lice that had infected the close-knit household of a curious dowager and her housekeeper/companion-a doughty Scottish old maid who was as repressed as your average oyster.

The tiny herd fed off the couple and was content.

Then the old maid portion passed away as she surrendered to a suppressed longing to fondle herself, and was unready for the consequent heart tremors and fibrillations.

In the hiring of a replacement Home Care person, factors such as The Economy, Health Care Benefits, and Changing Cultural Attitudes combined.

The result was a proper woman who stridently rejected the word 'companion'. She happened from a smaller island in the Caribbean, and by any measure, was a stickler for good hygiene.

By two brisk weeks that herd of lice was beheaded.

Moral: With immigrant populations, no niche is safe.