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A Fable about Family.

After the discomfort of a tongue-lashing from her, Jai-Jin wished aloud that he might get rich and happy enough "to slap his wealthy, though fusty, aunt Aggie upside her nappy head", and lurking Trickster heard him.

No die un-cast for fun, the devilish One disguised Himself as Chance, and pounced.

Nine days later to the day, Jai-Jin won the mega-lottery and became an instant millionaire eighty-one times over.

He threw the required No-Expense-Respected party for his family and friends. With predictable generosity he presented them endless bubbly, quality brandy, and over-sized diamond-encrusted crucifixes as commemorative bling-bling.

Flaunting a faux grandiose manner with steadfast good humor, he accepted green-eyed congratulations.

Then, inevitably, he encountered his aunt Aggie. As was her wont, she spoke first. "Some demon must be blowing smoke up your fundament," she scoffed. "But you still do not impress me!"

"Is that so?" replied the grinning Jai-Jin, and gleefully, he slapped the ingrate silly.

Face feeling a burn like hellfire, yet bagging her bling, aunt Aggie departed the scene huffy puffy.

Moral: The wages of wealth could be vulgar.