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A Fable about Habit.

There was an indiscriminate kleptomaniac so good he was able to slip the milk out of a chocolate malted without even making it darker.

One day while at work, he found that he was suddenly over-sensitively smelling. During his routine filching of the surroundings, inexplicably, he could now cleanly separate upon the airwaves the warmer hammy flavors from the sharper acridity of the cheddar in a ham-n-cheese salami-on-rye.

Still checking out and musing about his new olfactory ultra-ness, as he picked his way homewards, he was startled by peals of rancid laughter that assailed him from the many double-taking passers-by that he happened upon.

Only later did his full puzzlement end when, at his lavishly appointed rooms, an ornate mirror explained.

Somehow he had acquired a second nose-this one ugly, snub, and snoutish.

Then his consternation began.

MORAL: Who knows.