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A Fable about Happy Feet

There was this peripatetic chap whose partnership with his feet was reliable and pleasant. As Head, he had dependable carriage for his every trail. While his Right and Left sole supports stayed kicksing just to provide him pedal pleasure.

Inevitably, our easygoing wanderer came upon a bazaar, and broader minded from so many travels, he tried on a pair of finely-crafted leather sandals.

Capitulation was total and immediate.

His heart was seduced by the luxury of stylish, quiet comfort. His feet fell flat for the genteel protection and nice fit. Very well contented, our happy rambler paid up, walked off wearing his property.

Not ever was companion Toes sounded out! That They might feel Stifled and Enclosed was not considered! So Their response came as quite a Shock! when, mere months later, Big Right Toe brought forth a black, quick-growing Mole that introduced itself as Melanoma!

No one survived the traumatic association with that tireless Marauder.

Moral: Beware hubris as undertow to enterprise.