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A Fable about Perspective

There was an indolent RastaMan who lived in a state of smoke and dreams, mirrors and screens, shaded light and limbo.

A regular fellow, he was content to do just as he wanted. Get high on the beach, and some claimed he could teach the quiescent sand to be lazy.

He was at ease in his groove one fine day when a seductive entrepreneur tried spinning Rasta with a saccharine promise of personal improvement. Still sweaty from her presentation, she smirked encouragingly, "You could be so much better, my man!"

An ardent fan of athletic prowess, Rasta considered the offer for a fair nine seconds before responding, "True, true said, Juicy gurl, but then, ah don't want to risk mih potential!"

The wannabe profiteer collected her kinky propaganda, visual aids, and other. Then dumb from rejection, she departed his hut despondent.

Moral: Some truths are driven by Life's gentler physics.