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A fable about Quo

There was once a hothead who hated the status of Quo. He yearned to be the ship that freighted havoc to its ports. In time, powered by this malignity, he undertook the four-part course: "The Successful Revolutionary."

Parts One and Two: namely, 'Dreaming It', and 'Scheming Well' seemed to come naturally to him, and in them, he gained aces.

However, in grasping Part Three: 'Sober Planning,' he developed an annoying cogitative loop of returning to Part One, or, even Part 'Scheming Well.'

Seems there was this requirement of a convincing cognitive bridge to purpose one's achieving Part Four: 'Victory.'

So our firebrand could never get to the part where he "does it" to Quo.

Throughout all these malicious mental machinations, Quo never dreamt that such a madcap existed.

Moral:There are no dreamers without harsh realities.