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A Fable about Humility

There was a curious debutante who lived to sip from the lips of self-indulgence. From moment to moment, she daintily picked from the bountiful platter provided by her parentage.

Then came that champagne occasion when she encountered a sweat-stained, though well-spoken, server. A simple woman as modest as a common ant. A low-wage earner content to contribute her toil to the larger community.

This practiced altruism profoundly impressed the debutante. When she then considered her own purely pleasurable pursuits, she was overcome by an intense shame. Copious tears on meandering paths down her make-up made plain her consternation and distress.

Whether she will rebound is anyone's guess. Youth is on her side! Notable about the maudlin scene, though, was that the snot gathering at her pert chin did suggest a fragrance of finest sandalwood.

MORAL: Even epiphany gives opportunity to style.