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A fable about Local Idiom

Words, more so than plants, regard human beings as their creators, and achieve a state of extreme satisfaction when we use them.

Thus, in every culture there are indigenous flora and vocabularies.

This brings us to the difficult situation in which "obzocky" finds itself. Loosely meaning, 'a graceless state more physically awry than the clumsiest awkwardness,' it enjoys colorful usage in certain island vernacular; Trinidadian, for example.

Yet, it has not gained inclusion and respect from any official world-class dictionaries; even compendia of Caribbean patois!

As it stands, 'obzocky' looks at 'lagniappe' and gets 'tabangca'. "How long, how long?" it moans.

Meanwhile, grimly lurking in the wings, 'tutulbey' and 'basodie' are observing.

Moral:Some terms are just not likely to fit in!