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A Fable about Rudeness

A migratory bird in its travels north, blundered into a tall, brightly lit tower and crashed to the cold ground below, stunned.

Valiantly trying to catch bearings, it lay there.

Several minutes later, a migratory bird of another species that was heading south had the misfortune of suffering the same tower, and similarly, ended on the street in a state of painful bewilderment.

Both dazed heads spun the spiral to recovery while Time vaguely passed.

Eventually the North-bound migrant noted fretfully, "I thought it was the moon!"

To which sore-beaked South-bound replied, "Oh? Clearly it was a rising sun!"

"What a dumb cluck you are!" retorted North-bound.

Miffed, the southerly directed flyer responded, "Takes one to know!"

At which, from both sources, rejoinders of extreme nastiness abused the indifferent pavement.

They were still wrangling when a street-cleaning machine happened by and scooped them up and away.

Watching from a nearby nook, a group of disappointed rats gnashed teeth and grumbled.

Moral: Feathered or foul-mouthed, garbage is trash.