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A Fable about Spices

Unnoticed by few but the culinary cognoscenti, there has been a significant debate on the appropriate definition of 'condiment'.

Caught in a timeworn pickle, the dark suited Traditionalists argued, "The taste buds have always known. Why fiddle with a working paradigm?"

To which the dreadlocked rep of the Latte Sauve set responded, "Yo! Dawg, the recent cosmopolite influence of African, Asian, Caribbean, and Mexican tangs is like a rhythmic melody to the piquant palate."

The audience targeted for this lunchtime TV debate was mainly hard-working, mid-level, and low paid office personnel. Nevertheless, since ninety-five percent of their interest and effort was then focused on sating ravenous appetites, those that viewed the broadcast did so with unseeing eyes.

Many had recently returned to their desks, and were now snarfing down hot falafels bought fresh-made delicious and spicy from an Arab couple busy in a street-side van.

As the least charitable among them licked their satisfied chops, they felt smugly superior over those hungry connoisseurs still snaking around the City block in stolid and staggered single file.

MORAL: Discriminating tastes can deflate debates.