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A Fable about Attitude

There was a rather unsightly thirty-something who did not see it so plainly. Despite the apparent calamity there, in his hopeful mirror, here was a wholesome chap whose semblance, indulgently, was 'not-that-bad-looking'.

Boosted by this come-easy point-of-view, our fellow's disposition was deft and self-assured. He moved unabashed among the fancy ladies. He flirted and charmed with droll conversation. Sometimes, flashing his other significant factor, he set off flares with suggestive glances. Romance flamed in lusty hearts, and as his reputation grew, his success was phenomenal.

From the cream of the ritzy crust, he could pick. He could choose. So he did!

His prize was a wealthy and radiant fiance whose laugh was as bubbly as her smile gleamed of expensive orthodontists. A 'week-that-went-like-a-blur' later, she starred in nuptials which smashed conventional superlatives in the blurbs that mattered.

Then, alas! one month after a lavish honeymoon in the Caribbean, there came media coverage claiming divorce!

"IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES!" blared the exultant tabloids.

Over the next few days, they leaked the dirt in breathless installments that realized record sales.

Bottom Lowdown: Seems that our hero just could not keep it up after amorous declarations from his quirky wife that she "remained, like totally juiced, by his like, hideous, though cutesy ugliness. . ."

Moral: In Love matters, Whimsy trumps Image.